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Plant Profile

We have our own water supply sources

Pak Denim Limited have our own wastewater treatment facility

We have our own gas powered power generation

Pak Denim Limited has the computerized color management system

Pak Denim Limited has the computerized color management system



Who We Are...

Pak Denim Limited stands as one of the largest and the oldest denim manufacturing Company in Pakistan, our scope is “To Manufacture and Export Denim Fabric”. Pak Denim Ltd was established in 1997 by Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig and Mirza Isthiaq Baig, and has been taken over by Mr. Zubair Motiwala and Sons Mr. Bilal Motiwala and Mr. Musaib Motiwala since April 2015, They have hired and trained the best Technical staff from all over the Country; our Staff and Management is very goal oriented with a constant vision to innovate and to improve product and quality.

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Dynamic, Quality Conscious and ever Progressive.We are using the best and most sophisticated machinery and techniques. We have leading expertise of denim industry to facilitate and fulfill all of our clients demands and needs. We have complete in-house capability ranging from Ball Warping, Rope Dyeing, Re-beaming, Sizing , Weaving, Mending, Finishing, Inspection & Reverse Osmosis Plant all under one roof. We also have our own Slasher. We are a globally renowned company and have given our best to the world for over 2 decades and still running with over a hundred looms and a production of 16.8 Million Meters annually. We are producing 80% fabric for export and 20% for local.

Pak Denim Limited is committed to:
• Ensure profitable growth through innovation, quality and commitment.
• Achieve and retain market leadership in Denim Fabrics.
• Exceed our client’s expectations by providing exceptional values.
• Operate through Team work.
• Foster positive social and environmental change.
• Fulfill social responsibilities.

Our Certification

What We Do...

Ball Warping

It is a process in which warping is done in rope form.A ball warp beam is prepared for subsequent process.It is suitable for denim fabric manufacturing.

Rope Dyeing

Pak Denim Ltd is one of the Denim mill in the world that uses top of the line Indigo dye directly from Dystar Germany for the best results.


A key process at Pak Denim Limited where a MC Coy Ellison American System is used to convert ropes into threads and transfer them into beams for sizing.


Pak Denim Limited has a Benninger Zell Sizing Machine which is famous for its efficiency and top notch Quality product in the Denim World.


Weaving is the process in which fabric is produced by threads (warp) passing in one direction with other at a 90 angle (weft)


Pak Denim Ltd has its own Slasher by Sucker Muller as well, which has a production of 12 million annually.


Quality Inspection