Industrial Meters

Ball Warping :

It is a process in which warping is done in rope form.A ball warp beam is prepared for subsequent process.It is suitable for denim fabric manufacturing, involving rope dyeing process. Ball warping is a 2 stage process consisting of; Ball warp winding and Long chain beaming.

Rope Dyeing :

We at Pak Denim Ltd are equipped with our own Rope Dyeing which consists of 24 ropes and has a production capacity of over 18 Million meters annually. Pak Denim Ltd is one of the Denim mill in the world that uses top of the line Indigo dye directly from Dystar Germany for the best results when it comes to the appearance and penetration of the fabric. Our dyeing research and development team is very technically sound and fully aware of market trends.

Re-Beaming :

A key process at Pak Denim Limited where a MC Coy Ellison American System is used to convert ropes into threads and transfer them into beams for sizing.This department is a very crutial department where all the faults in the beam are fixed to guarantee the best quality and smooth running in all the departments ahead.

Sizing :

Pak Denim Limited has a Benninger Zell Sizing Machine which is famous for its efficiency and top notch Quality product in the Denim World. Our Sizing is completely automated leaving no space for human error. We at Pak Denim Ltd have very strong ethics towards quality production thus we believe in keeping human errors to their bare minimum by using capital machinery and check and balance system.

Weaving :

Weaving is the process in which fabric is produced by threads (warp) passing in one direction with other at a 90 angle (weft) We at Pak Denim ltd have a shed of over 100 looms, running at full capacity, giving us top of the line quality with a production of 1.4 million a month and 16.8 million meters annually

Slasher :

Pak Denim Ltd has its own Slasher by Sucker Muller as well, which has a production of 12 million annually. Slasher gives Pak Denim Ltd benefit to cater to customers who are very cost conscience.